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The Donas

The Customize Me Notebook + Sticker Pack

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Back a very short time ago (wink wink)... Donna was in school in the 80's and composition notebooks were all the rage (mostly because that's all we had) so we used to load them up with stickers, draw all over them, and get our friends to write little notes to us on the inside cover.

We thought we were the sh*t and now we want you to think that too.

You will get a composition notebook PLUS 4 sheets of custom Dona's stickers. Start customizing and make your book a work of art. Use your book as your new journal, make your to-do lists, use it for school, keep track of your expenses, your workouts, all the people who did you wrong and now "wish for their happiness" ( this one's the hardest, but the most healing and brings you the most peace), or start your 21-day Abundance Challenge with it - whatever you's all yours. 


Choose from B&W or Color (sorry you cannot specify color at this time)