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The Donas

The Dona Belle Bucket

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The Donas x Cafe Belle Bucket Hat

We teamed up with our buds at Cafe Belle in NYC for this latest drop.

The Dona Belle which means "Beautiful Woman" & "Devil's Cherries" (a deadly nightshade plant - we know how on brand :) is our water-resistant bucket that's perfect for the beach, sun protection, running out in the rain, or as an accessory to your favorite fit.

This bucket was designed with all hair types in mind (cause we hate when we get that stubborn hat line in our freshly done mane, or our hair doesn't fit in our hats) Curly girls we got you!!

We have two sizes and two colors for you to choose from

Black or Khaki

Size S/M : 22.5 inches round at band base of the hat

Size L/XL: 25 inches round at band base of the hat (this size is extra roomy)

no refunds, exchanges, or returns due to COVID - so please measure carefully.